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Round 1 (Online Coding Round) The first round was an online coding round where I had to solve 2 coding questions. Questions I got were… Read More
There was a total of 5 rounds. Round 1(Technical Quiz): It was an easy quiz with a passing percentage of 50%. It had questions from… Read More
Sapient came to our campus in October 2020  Round 1 (Coding Round): It consisted of two questions. Given an array of n integers. For each… Read More
Hi All, Today i am going to share interview experience with sapient Round 1: Got a call from HR and initial screening. I got a call… Read More
Sapient was hiring for Java Developer/Microservice. The best part is that they provide pick up and drop service. Round 1 Telephonic Round: MCQs based questions… Read More
Sapient came to our campus in July 2019 Round 1: Coding Round. 2 questions Q1. Rock paper scissors game. Determine the number of times a… Read More
Publicis Sapient came to BITS Pilani Hyderbad Campus for two profiles: Data Scientist & ASDE-II.There were separate tests for both the roles.I applied for the… Read More
Initial online round consisted of aptitude, logical reasoning, technical, cloud oops and ONE coding question(on the application of priority queues). There were too many MCQs,… Read More
Sapient came for campus recruitment for 2 profiles: ASDE1, ASDE2. Based on the interview, they offered roles accordingly. Online Round: It consisted of 5 sections:… Read More
ROUND 1: ONLINE TEST It had five sections, each had its own section time which can’t be carried on. The test was organized by HirePro and… Read More
1. Heads and tails puzzle. 2. Burning a rope puzzle.(Measure 45 min time) 3. Given a paragraph and a word in it, count how many… Read More
First Round was online test. 4 sections- English : 25 Questions (synonyms, antonyms, 2 passages, sentence completion, common errors) Logical Reasoning : 25 Questions (Age… Read More
Question: Design a Data Structure SpecialStack that supports all the stack operations like push(), pop(), isEmpty(), isFull() and an additional operation getMin() which should return… Read More
First Round : Online Round Second Round : Tech + HR interview First Round : Online test of basic aptitude questions and technical questions Second… Read More
First round was aptitude test organized by Amcat. It had 4 section – 1. English – 25 questions (25 minutes) 2. Quantitative – 25 questions… Read More