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Round 1 : Given two linked lists, we have to find their intersection point. Given an array, find triplets whose sum equals the given number. … Read More
Students who have 70% above score are eligible. The selection process includes two rounds:1.(ONLINE)Technical and coding test 2. Technical and HR round Round 1: Online… Read More
Yatra visited our campus. There were 5 rounds. #Round 1:Online Test on hackerrank. It consisted of 15 MCQs and 4 coding questions. MCQs were having… Read More
Given two strings s1 and s2, we need to find the minimum number of manipulations required to make two strings anagram without deleting any character. … Read More
Given an array “a[]” and integer “b”. Find whether b is present in a[] or not. If present, then double the value of b and… Read More
Given a string return all possible subsequences which start with vowel and end with consonant. A String is a subsequence of a given String, that… Read More
Given two strings return the value of least number of manipulations needed to ensure both strings have identical characters, i.e., both string become anagram of… Read More
Question 1 Given a list of strings, where each string is composed of different combinations of (, ), {, }, [, ]. Verify the validity… Read More
There were total 4 rounds: Round #1: This was written round 2 output and 2 coding questions. output questions were related to inheritance and run-time… Read More
1. On Thursday i got a call from some consultancy for the job. Asked me basic things like current work, current ctc, etc. I asked… Read More
First round : Written Test The test paper was consist of 20 MCQ from C, C++ Java and some aptitude question and 4 coding question.… Read More
I had a total of 5 rounds.Initially I thought there will be only 3 rounds. Round 1: 1. Rotate a matrix by 90 degrees clockwise.(… Read More
I appeared for interview process. In each round, I have to discuss the problem with interviewer and to tell him my approach. Also they… Read More
Recently I had appeared for Yatra Interview. I would like to share my experience. 1st Round: (Technical Round) —————————- 1. Tell me about yourself and… Read More
We have discussed Backtracking and Knight’s tour problem in Set 1. Let us discuss Rat in a Maze as another example problem that can be… Read More