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I have given Intuit OA for SDE1. These were the questions asked. There was one more question based on Dp. Attention reader!… Read More
There were 2 Rounds on CV selection, 1 Online Coding Round and 2 Technical Rounds, and 1 HR Round. Coding Round: Total 4 questions were… Read More
I contacted a recruiter at Intuit through email, sharing my resume and soon I got information about the further steps. The process consisted of 1… Read More
Round 1:Online Round 4 Coding Questions.The level was medium, but there has to be appropriate practice for solving codes on time. Total marks-200(No Cgpa criteria)… Read More
Round 1: Print  linkedlist in reverse Design filesystem using tree, Should use B-Tree Implement LRU Cache Find BST is pure BST Attention reader! Don’t stop… Read More
Hi all, through this post I will be sharing with you guys my interview experience with Intuit. The interviews were for a summer internship. There… Read More
Online Round: There were 4 coding questions: You have been two integers n and m where n is the size of the array and m… Read More
Technical Round-1 1. Maximum Subarray Sum problem: Different approaches and code 2. Given a 2-D char array, with random alphabets, find the word “INTUIT”, s/t… Read More
Intuit was the first company to visit our campus. They selected 6 students. Online Round ———————— Only people with CGPA of 9+ were allowed to… Read More
Intuit had visited our campus for recruting 2016 batch students for internship + FTE for Devops profile. We had four rounds. Round one : Online… Read More
Intuit came for on-campus hiring for 2016 batch and internship offerings for 2017 batch in our college last week. Round One (Online round, 90 minutes):… Read More
Intuit came to our college campus for placements. Shortlisted 13 students after written and then selected 4 students for Full Time Job. There were 3… Read More
Intuit, Inc. visited our campus for recruiting interns over the Summer. There was a CGPA cut-off for writing the written test followed by 2 F2F… Read More
There are 3 ants sitting on three corners of a triangle. All ants randomly pick a direction and start moving along edge of the triangle.… Read More
1st Round : (2 hrs) 1. Implement LRU Cache, 2. Implement your own Blocking Queue. 3. Questions on Collections , a. How AtomicInteger works b.… Read More