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A teacher writes six words on a board: “cat dog has max dim tag.” She gives three students, Albert, Bernard, and Cheryl each a piece… Read More
You’re standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk one mile south, one mile west, and one mile north. You end up exactly where… Read More
In a certain flower garden, each flower was either red, yellow, or blue, and all three colors were represented. A statistician once visited the garden… Read More
The explorer, “combat archaeologist” and looter of tombs, Dr. Flynn, was trekking across the desert in search of King Solomon’s Mines. Unfortunately for him, the… Read More
Which one of the five is least like the other four? Pen—Ink—Pencil—Paintbrush—Ballpoint Cauliflower—Courgette—Carrot—Fennel—Potato Knee—Arm—Hair—Head—Foot Ship—Plane—Helicopter—Hang-glider—Balloon Eagle—Falcon—Vulture—Hawk—Cormorant Bricks—Roof—Window—Chimney—Wall Carbon—Nitrogen—Oxygen—Sulphur—Tin Knife—Fork—Spoon—Spatula—Saucepan Whale—Dolphin—Seal—Shark—Porpoise Mushroom—Chicken—Carrot—Potato  Solution: Puzzle – Similarities… Read More
There is a small canoe that is used to cross a river. The canoe can hold at most 100 kg of weight. Now, there are… Read More
You are given a digital scale and 12 identical-looking Stones, out of which one is heavier than the rest ( you don’t know which ).… Read More
There is this question I could ask you that has a definite correct answer – either yes or no – but it is logically impossible… Read More
A certain town comprises 100 married couples. The town has a rule that if any of the husbands cheat and the wife finds out and… Read More
An evil wizard had a hundred dwarfs as prisoners. One day he calls them and makes them stand consistent with their height, with the tallest… Read More
Given that you are in a dim room where a table is kept. There are 50 coins put on the table, out of which 10… Read More
Puzzle: There are some couples in a town and some of the husbands are cheating. Once a wife deduces her husband is cheating, she throws… Read More
A sultan has captured 50 wise men. He has a glass currently standing bottom down. Every minute he calls one of the wise men who… Read More
Question:  13 purple, 15 yellow, and 17 maroon chameleons are found on an island. When two different-coloured chameleons come together, they both turn into the… Read More
Question:  In Birbal – A Fruits Trader Puzzle, Birbal is a witty dealer who trades mystical fruit grown a long way withinside the north. He… Read More

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