How to choose a topic for writing at GeeksforGeeks?

How to choose a topic for writing at GeeksforGeeks

Lot of people have the confusion on “What topic should be chosen to write an article“? This article focus on How shall you proceed in order to sort out the confusion of choosing a topic for writing an article.

Step 1 : If you have a topic in mind, check at GeeksforGeeks whether it is already published or not. On the top, type your topic in Google search bar to see if the topic you are planning to write is published or not.
Alternatively, you can pick an article from the unpublished list of articles.


Step 2 : If the topic is not published already, please click on and start writing the article.

  • Check Guide to write an article to start with.
  • Save your article as draft and once you are finished writing from your end, Click on save as pending.
  • Your article will be reviewed by our team member. You’ll get a feedback about your article in comment section generally within a week.

Major Article Writing Topic Categories

Writing different language code for existing Programs in existing articles- Guidelines
Article Writing in Java
Article Writing in Algo & DS
Article Writing in Python
Article Writing in C/C++
Article Writing in SQL
Articles in Competitive Programming
Technical Blogs
Writing small puzzles
Interesting Facts in Languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C# and Perl
Making videos for existing articles
Design Pattern based Articles
Animation videos for articles
Library functions of C/C++STL/ C++/Java Packages

In addition to the categories listed above, these domains are also allowed:

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