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Complete A2Z Reference for DSA Concepts

Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2023
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The A to Z DSA Concepts encompasses an array of fundamental techniques in Data Structures and Algorithms.

From “Array” to “Zigzag Traversal,” these concepts equip programmers with essential tools to solve a wide range of challenges. Navigating through “Graphs,” “Sorting Algorithms,” “Dynamic Programming,” and more, these concepts are the cornerstones of efficient coding and problem-solving. By mastering these concepts, programmers gain the ability to optimize code, craft elegant solutions, and tackle complex problems with confidence.

In this post, we have curated and maintained a complete reference of DSA Concepts in alphabetical order from A to Z. Let us look into them one by one.


DSA Concepts

#   0/1 Knapsack
4 Queens
8 Queens
A   Array
A* algorithm
Adaptive and non-adaptive searching algorithm
Advanced data structures
Angular Sweep
AVL Tree
B B-tree
Balanced binary tree
Binary Search
Binary Tree
Binary Search Tree
Binary Heap
Bit manipulation
Booth’s multiplication algorithm
Breadth-First Search (BFS)
Bucket sort
C Circular Array
Circular Linked list
Circular Queue
Complete Binary tree
Complete guide on Complexity analysis
Convex Hull
D Depth-First Search (DFS)
Divide and Conquer
Dijkstra’s Algorithm
Doubly Linked list
Dynamic Arrays
Dynamic Programming
Dynamic Segment Tree
E Exponential Search
Expression Trees
Extended Binary Trees
External Sorting
F Factorial of a number
Fenwick Tree
Floyd Warshall Algorithm
Fibonacci Heap
Full binary tree
G Graphs
Greedy Algorithms
H Hash Table
Hash Map
Huffman Coding
I Inorder Traversal
Insertion sort
Interval Tree
Inversion Count
Invert Binary tree
J Jump Search
Jagged arrays
JASON array
K Kadane’s algorithm
KMP algorithm
Kruskal’s Algorithm
L Lazy Propagation in Segment Tree
Linear Search
Linked List
Longest Common Subsequence
LRU Cache
M Merge Sort
Matrix Chain multiplication
Minimum Spanning Tree
Multidimensional Arrays
N N-ary Tree
Network Flow
O Order Statistics
Overlapping Subproblems
P Postorder traversal-of-binary-tree/
Preorder traversal-of-binary-tree/
Priority Queue
Prim’s Algorithm
Q Quick Sort
R Rabin-Karp Algorithm
Radix Sort
Red-Black Tree
Rubik’s cube algorithm
S Segment Tree
Selection Sort
Shortest Path Algorithms
Singly linked list
Sorting Algorithms
Sparse Arrays
Subset sum problem
Sudoku problem
T Topological Sorting
Tree Traversal
Two pointer algorithm
Two dimensional Segment tree
Types of asymptotic notations in complexity analysis
U Union-Find (Disjoint Set)
V Vertex Cover
W Warshall’s Algorithm
Weighted Graphs
X XOR Linked List
 XOR trees
Y  Y shaped pattern
Z  Z-algorithm
 Zigzag Traversal

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