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Bootstrap 4 Tutorial

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2024
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Bootstrap 4 is an open-source framework for creating responsive web applications. It is the most popular CSS framework for creating mobile-first websites. It is free to use we can directly integrate Bootstrap 4 into our project using CDN Links or with npm. Bootstrap 4 Tutorial is designed to help beginners and experienced professionals.

Bootstrap 4 Tutorial

Reason to Learn

  • Bootstrap 4 offers pre-designed components and various utilities that help developers quickly design responsive web pages.
  • Bootstrap 4 helps in making simple websites as well as complex web applications according to the project requirement.
  • Many companies are looking for developers with Bootstrap skills.

Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 Tutorial







  • Bootstrap 4 uses SASS instead of LESS.
  • In Bootstrap 4 we use utilities .pager-next or .pager-previous for Pager.
  • It offers its powerful feature Flexbox that makes layout easier.
  • It provides a 5-tier grid system that is (xs, sm, md, lg, xl). Bootstrap 4 uses rem as a primary unit.
  • Bootstrap 4 is based on a mobile-first approach making. It is designed to be responsive and works well on every screen size and mobile device.
  • The most powerful feature of Bootstrap 4 is its Responsive Pre-styled Components and Utilities.

How Bootstrap Makes a Website Presentable

Bootstrap 4 is based on a mobile-first approach, and works well on various screen sizes. It offers the feature of a responsive grid system making it easier to create well-organised layouts. There are a wide variety of pre-designed components like navbar, form, buttons, etc that can be easily included in your project.

Additionally, The Color Palette, Typography Styles, Customizable Themes, different types of card components, Buttons and Icons, and Carousel Components are also helpful for giving websites a more pleasing effect.

FAQs on Bootstrap 4

Q1. What is Bootstrap 4?

Ans. Bootstrap4 is a free and open-source framework for creating responsive web applications.

Q2. How to integrate Bootstrap 4 in HTML File ?

Ans. You can integrate Bootstrap 4 using CDN (Content Delivery Network) Links into your project files, or by using package managers like npm.

Q3. Is Bootstrap 4 provide Responsive Feature?

Ans. Yes, Bootstrap 4 offers pre-designed responsive components and utilities that work well on every view port.

Q4. Can we use Bootstrap 4 with other front-end libraries or frameworks?

Ans. Yes, Bootstrap 4 works well with other libraries or frameworks. However, conflicts can be arised, make sure to manage dependencies carefully.

Q5. Can we customize the Pre-defined Layout of Bootstrap 4?

Ans. Yes, there are many ways through which you can customize Bootstrap 4 layout using Custom CSS Styling, Sass variables, etc.

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