Binary Search Tree Data Structure

  1. Search and Insert in BST
  2. Deletion from BST
  3. Data Structure for a single resource reservations
  4.  Advantages of BST over Hash Table
  5. Minimum value in a Binary Search Tree
  6. Inorder predecessor and successor for a given key in BST
  7. Check if a binary tree is BST or not
  8. Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Search Tree.
  9. Sorted order printing of a given array that represents a BST
  10. Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree
  11. Find k-th smallest element in BST (Order Statistics in BST)
  12. K’th smallest element in BST using O(1) Extra Space
  13. Print BST keys in the given range
  14. Sorted Array to Balanced BST
  15. Find the largest BST subtree in a given Binary Tree
  16. Check for Identical BSTs without building the trees
  17. Add all greater values to every node in a given BST
  18. Remove BST keys outside the given range
  19. Check if each internal node of a BST has exactly one child
  20. Find if there is a triplet in a Balanced BST that adds to zero
  21. Merge two BSTs with limited extra space
  22. Two nodes of a BST are swapped, correct the BST
  23. Construct BST from given preorder traversal | Set 1
  24. Construct BST from given preorder traversal | Set 2
  25. Floor and Ceil from a BST
  26. Convert a BST to a Binary Tree such that sum of all greater keys is added to every key
  27. Sorted Linked List to Balanced BST
  28. In-place conversion of Sorted DLL to Balanced BST
  29. Find a pair with given sum in a Balanced BST
  30. Total number of possible Binary Search Trees with n keys
  31. Merge Two Balanced Binary Search Trees
  32. Binary Tree to Binary Search Tree Conversion
  33. Transform a BST to greater sum tree
  34. K’th Largest Element in BST when modification to BST is not allowed
  35. How to handle duplicates in Binary Search Tree?
  36. Print Common Nodes in Two Binary Search Trees
  37. Construct all possible BSTs for keys 1 to N
  38. Print Common Nodes in Two Binary Search Trees
  39. Count BST subtrees that lie in given range
  40. Count BST nodes that lie in a given range
  41. How to implement decrease key or change key in Binary Search Tree
  42. Second largest element in BST
  43. Count inversions in an array | Set 2 (Using Self-Balancing BST)
  44. More Articles on BST…

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