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Round 1 (Aptitude and Coding): This round consists of 3 sub-division: LR: Questions are too easy if you have enough practice.  English: This is section… Read More
HSBC visited our campus for virtual interviews this year on 10/02/2021. There were in total 3 rounds. 1st Round: The questions were based on scenarios… Read More
The whole recruitment process of HSBC consisted of 4 rounds in total for the role of Trainee Software Engineer. Round 1: Written Assessment : The… Read More
HSBC visited our college for campus hiring. Criteria: CGPA: 6.82+ Branches allowed: all UG Profile: Trainee Software Engineer Round 1 (Online Aptitude and Coding Assessment):… Read More
  Round 1: (Online Coding) There were 2 coding questions. It took place in our college on cocubes. The questions that I got were: Q1.… Read More
Round 1:Cocubes Coding Round There were 2 questions of 2 and 3 marks. I don’t remember the questions but they were quite easy. The time… Read More
HSBC visited our campus on 1st November 2019 and offered Trainee Software Engineer profile. It was open for all branches. It had 3 online rounds… Read More
HSBC visited our campus in the month of November. They were 4 rounds throughout the process. They are as follows : Round 1: (Online Coding)… Read More
Round 1: The First Round consisted of 2 coding problems. One is of easy level and second is of medium level. Doing 1 question will… Read More
Round 1: The first round consisted of the written exam conducted on Cocubes Platform and the test duration was 75 minutes. The test was of… Read More
       2020 graduating batch        CSE/IT/ETC/E&I/ EEE/E&Control System students were allowed for the exam. Round 1.1:  It was a written round… Read More
HSBC Technology India visited our campus in August 2019 for the Strikers profile. Location: Pune and Hyderabad There were 4 rounds. Round 1: Aptitude + Technical Test There… Read More
Round 1: It was an online test, on CoCubes. The test consisted of 3 sections, Logic, Verbal, and Technical. All of these were very difficult.… Read More
Round 1: There are two sections. The first section is aptitude and logical reasoning and Second section have two coding questions on the co-cubes platform. The first question… Read More
HSBC Holdings plc recently visited our campus for hiring Full-time Software Developers with two sub-profiles: “Acer” and “Striker”. Striker 1 Technical + 1 HR round… Read More