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I had a phone interview, then an onsite interview at Intel in Folsom, California, for the position of Graphics Software Engineer. They mostly asked questions… Read More
Round 1: Resume screening. They shortlisted 96 people for the personal Interviews as they have the large requirement. Visiting profiles :  Software + Hardware. Location… Read More
Intel hires freshers mostly through the Intern conversion program. I was interning in Intel Bangalore office for 11 months and towards the end of my… Read More
Intel visited our campus for software profile Written Round-       – Elitmus test.       – they test your logical,mathematical and verbal skills 1st technical round-… Read More
Students were shortlisted based on their resumes. [ Mainly on the basis of OS Projects ] Technical Round 1 1. Write the most efficient algorithm… Read More
There are n stairs, a person standing at the bottom wants to reach the top. The person can climb either 1 stair or 2 stairs… Read More
A tree where no leaf is much farther away from the root than any other leaf. Different balancing schemes allow different definitions of “much farther”… Read More