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Python program to find files having a particular extension using RegEx

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Prerequisite: Regular Expression in Python

Many of the times we need to search for a particular type of file from a list of different types of files. And we can do so with only a few lines of code using python. And the cool part is we don’t need to install any external package, python has a built-in package called re, with which we can easily write the program for performing this task.


  • This program searches for the files having “.xml” extension from a list of different files.
  • Make a regular expression/pattern : “\.xml$”
  • Here function is used to check for a match anywhere in the string (name of the file). It basically returns the match object when the pattern is found and if the pattern is not found it returns null.
  • The functionality of different Metacharacters used here:
    1.  \  It is used to specify a special meaning of character after it. It is also used to escape special characters.
    2.  $ The string ends with the pattern which is before it.
  • Here “.xml” pattern is searched and processed.

Below is the implementation:


# import library
import re
# list of different types of file
filenames = ["gfg.html", "geeks.xml"
            "computer.txt", "geeksforgeeks.jpg"]
for file in filenames:
    # search given pattern in the line 
    match ="\.xml$", file)
    # if match is found
    if match:
        print("The file ending with .xml is:",


The file ending with .xml is: geeks.xml
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Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2020
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