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Python program to reverse the content of a file and store it in another file

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020

Given a text file. The task is to reverse as well as stores the content from an input file to an output file. 
This reversing can be performed in two types.  

  • Full reversing: In this type of reversing all the content gets reversed. 
  • Word to word reversing: In this kind of reversing the last word comes first and the first word goes to the last position. 

Example 1: Full Reversing 

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Input: Hello Geeks
       for geeks!

Output:!skeeg rof
        skeeG olleH

Example 2: Word to word reversing

        Hello Geeks
        for geeks!

         geeks! for
         Geeks Hello

Example 1: Full Reversing 
Text file:




# Open the file in write mode
f1 = open("output1.txt", "w")
# Open the input file and get 
# the content into a variable data
with open("file.txt", "r") as myfile:
    data =
# For Full Reversing we will store the 
# value of data into new variable data_1 
# in a reverse order using [start: end: step],
# where step when passed -1 will reverse 
# the string
data_1 = data[::-1]
# Now we will write the fully reverse 
# data in the output1 file using 
# following command



Example 2: Reversing the order of lines. We will use the above text file as input.


# Open the file in write mode
f2 = open("output2.txt", "w")
# Open the input file again and get 
# the content as list to a variable data
with open("file.txt", "r") as myfile:
    data = myfile.readlines()
# We will just reverse the 
# array using following code
data_2 = data[::-1]
# Now we will write the fully reverse 
# list in the output2 file using 
# following command




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