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Python program to build flashcard using class in Python

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In this article, we will see how to build a flashcard using class in python. A flashcard is a card having information on both sides, which can be used as an aid in memoization. Flashcards usually have a question on one side and an answer on the other. Particularly in this article, we are going to create flashcards that will be having a word and its meaning.

Let’s see some examples of flashcard:

Example 1:

Approach :

  • Take the word and its meaning as input from the user.
  • Create a class named flashcard, use the __init__() function to assign values for Word and Meaning.
  • Now we use the __str__() function to return a string that contains the word and meaning.
  • Store the returned strings in a list named flash.
  • Use a while loop to print all the stored flashcards.

Below is the full implementation:


class flashcard:
    def __init__(self, word, meaning):
        self.word = word
        self.meaning = meaning
    def __str__(self):
        #we will return a string
        return self.word+' ( '+self.meaning+' )'
flash = []
print("welcome to flashcard application")
#the following loop will be repeated until
#user stops to add the flashcards
    word = input("enter the name you want to add to flashcard : ")
    meaning = input("enter the meaning of the word : ")
    flash.append(flashcard(word, meaning))
    option = int(input("enter 0 , if you want to add another flashcard : "))
# printing all the flashcards
print("\nYour flashcards")
for i in flash:
    print(">", i)


Time Complexity : O(n)

Space Complexity : O(n)

Example 2:

Approach :

  • Create a class named flashcard.
  • Initialize dictionary fruits using __init__() method.
  • Now randomly choose a pair from fruits using choice() method and store the key in variable fruit and value in variable color.
  • Now prompt the user to answer the color of the randomly chosen fruit.
  • If correct print correct else print wrong.


import random
class flashcard:
    def __init__(self):
    def quiz(self):
        while (True):
            fruit, color = random.choice(list(self.fruits.items()))
            print("What is the color of {}".format(fruit))
            user_answer = input()
            if(user_answer.lower() == color):
                print("Correct answer")
                print("Wrong answer")
            option = int(input("enter 0 , if you want to play again : "))
            if (option):
print("welcome to fruit quiz ")


Time Complexity : O(1)

Space Complexity : O(1)

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Last Updated : 20 Feb, 2023
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