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There were 4 rounds in all First Round There were total 15 MCQ questions based on c, c++ pointers java output and one was on… Read More
Round 1: Interviewer was very cool guy, he started with general discussion about work and company. Later on he started with Technical Skills. 1. Operator… Read More
Adobe visited our campus for full-time Member of Technical Staff-I (MTS-1) First round consisted of an aptitude test and a coding test. The aptitude test… Read More
Given n non-negative integers representing an elevation map where the width of each bar is 1, compute how much water it is able to trap… Read More
What is Forwarding? Forwarding is moving incoming packets to the appropriate interface. Routers use a forwarding table to decide which incoming packet should be forwarded to… Read More
Dependency Preservation A Decomposition D = { R1, R2, R3….Rn } of R is dependency preserving wrt a set F of Functional dependency if (F1… Read More
Amazon came to out campus a week back and this was the procedure followed. Round 1 : On line coding (1 hr 30 min) This… Read More
Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (On-Campus for Internship) Online Round (Aptitude+Coding) : (1:30 hrs) Students of all branches were allowed to appear in the online round.… Read More
Recently Flipkart visited our campus for hiring interns as well as SDE.. Coding Round 1 (90 min) : Q1(Simple brute force solves 12 testcases….O(n) using… Read More
Microsoft visited our campus for hiring FTE’s and Interns. I had opted for both Microsoft IT and IDC. The first couple of rounds were online… Read More
Adobe came for recruitment in my college. Here is my experience- First round was an online round- There were some aptitude questions and 3 coding… Read More
A number can always be represented as a sum of squares of other numbers. Note that 1 is a square and we can always break… Read More
I recently interviewed at Adobe, Noida office and got the offer. I had 1-year work experience. It was a standard process comprising of an aptitude… Read More
Swiggy is a fast growing startup, based out of Bangalore. I recently interviewed there for the post of SDE-1 and would love to share my… Read More
Given a matrix of dimension m*n where each cell in the matrix can have values 0, 1 or 2 which has the following meaning:   0:… Read More
Online Round(1:30 hrs) 20 MCQs based on OS, C, C++, 3 questions on aptitude & 1 question on DBMS. Q1. Write a program to separate… Read More
ROUND 1: This was an online round.There were three sections : 1) Aptitude and logic 2) Data structures(mainly binary tree),OS,DBMS,OOPS. 3) Data analysis. ROUND 2:… Read More
Round 1: 30 MCQs based on C++ and 30 MCQs based on aptitude. Aptitude questions were based on Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation, Shape Manipulation and… Read More
Amazon visited our campus for hiring Software Developer interns for Summer 2016. All CS and IT students were eligible. Round 1 (Coding + Aptitude): First… Read More

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