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TCS Ninja Interview Experience (CSE) 2018 (In-Details)

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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ROUND 1: The first round was National Qualifier Test held across all over India The test consists of 4 sections. One has to score well in every section.

Section 1: (EASY) English Section. It consists of a passage where we had to fill 10 blanks to complete the passage. Every blank had 3-4 options.

Section 2: (AVERAGE) Aptitude Section. It consists of 2 section namely standard and advanced. There were 15 standard questions and 5 advanced questions. For topics and types of question, one can refer to Prepintsa. The advanced section was fill in the blanks and it was mainly for TCS digital exam purpose.

Section 3: (AVERAGE) Technical MCQs. It also had 2 sections same as above. The questions were average and were related to C and Data Structure. For topics and types of question, one can refer to Prepintsa.

Section 4: (AVERAGE) Coding. The question was average. The main challenge was to complete it within 20 mins. One can do it easily if he/she is in practice. Mine question was to find the n-th number from a series. I had to make a series were even place was occupied by the power 2 (like 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 …) and odd place with the power of 3 (like 3, 9, 27 ….). Coding questions for other slots were different. You can find it on Prepinsta.

Out of 255 students, 86 got selected from my college.

ROUND 2: This was the interview round. We were called at one of the TCS offices for interview. The interview happened in 2 types.
TYPE 1: For some of my friend it happened in two rounds. Round 1 was Technical+Managerial. and Round 2 was HR.
TYPE 2: For some, it happened in one round, Technical+Managerial+HR.
Mine happened with type 2.

The questions asked to me were:

1. Briefly Introduce Yourself.
The word briefly means a lot here. I was prepared with 1.5 mins introduction. But it was already 8:00 pm and still few candidates were left to be interviewed. It’s really bad when they cut in the middle. So in this situation, one should give the brief introduction. I told them about my father and mother. Talked about the technologies I have learned, the projects I have done. I told them about my internship and my job role. Later I told them about my hobby. This question was asked by the HR guy.
** You should make eye contact with everyone present there with a smiling face.

2. Why the mark is poor in class 12th while you got 10 cgpa in 10th.
This question is resume specific. Be prepare with your resume. Find every minor gap. This question was asked by the managerial guy. I was prepared with the answer so I answered with confidence.

3. What is the latest version of java in the market? (Technical questions starts here)
This question was asked with me because I had done an internship in android app development.

4. What is the latest version of Android studio in the market? And on which you had worked in the past? What is the difference between these versions?
** Answered. By difference in version, they mean what updates had been done in the latest android studio.

5. Write a program in C and Java both to reverse the string without using any function.
I wrote the program then he asked me to write again using different logic. I did that.

6. Write a SQL query to find the employee name with the 2nd highest salary.
** Wrote.

7. Questions specific to my internship projects and college projects.
** Answered all as I was prepared.

8. What is trigger?
** I forgot at that moment. I simply said I can’t remember at this moment.

9. What do you mean by joins in SQL? Explain its type.
I talked about joins. Told them its type along with the explanation of each type.

10. How you handle the pressure? (Following questions were asked by the Managerial guy)
** Answered

11. If you are a Team Leader and one of your assistant is not working up to the mark and due to him/her, the project is being delayed. How will you handle this situation?
** Answered

12. Are you comfortable working in night shift? (Following questions were asked by HR guy).
** I told them with a smile on my face, one thing I have realized in my engineering life is that I am comfortable working late at night because this is how I along with my friends prepare for the semester.

13. Are you ok with the 2-year bond?
** Yes, Never say no whether you are ok or not because at that moment you need the job anyway.

14. Why do you want to join TCS?
** Answered–
** Give a meaningful and satisfying answer.

15. Are you ready to relocate anywhere across India?
** Yes.
** Try giving the reason why you can relocate just after yes whether they ask or not. You can say like — After 10th I have always been out for studying and I found myself very adaptive.

Suggestions: Just be confident and prepared with a variety of questions. It is ok if you don’t know the answer to some questions. Tell them frankly you don’t know or you can’t remember at the moment. They are very friendly with a positive attitude. Mine interview went on for 55 mins and it was a great experience.

Out of 86 students, 36 got selected from my college.

p.s.— I got placed. : )


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