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Round 1: 25 MCQs based on C,C++ and JAVA(concept based) , 25 MCQs based on aptitude, 15 output related MCQs, 25 MCQs on Data Structures,Algorithms,OS,DBMS… Read More
Given a matrix where every cell has some number of coins. Count number of ways to reach bottom right from top left with exactly k… Read More
Telephonic Interview Brief introduction, project you are working currently and reason for change, feedback in last review cycle and how are you working on shortcomings… Read More
Like Red-Black and AVL Trees, Treap is a Balanced Binary Search Tree, but not guaranteed to have height as O(Log n). The idea is to… Read More
Find out the correct statement for the following program. #include "stdio.h"    typedef int (*funPtr)(int);    int inc(int a) {  printf("Inside inc() %d\n",a);  return (a+1);… Read More
What do we do when we need to search anything on internet? We google it. Right? These days we often use the term “google” as… Read More
Recently Mallow Technologies visited our campus for recruiting Web developer, IOS and Android app developers. No. of Rounds: 3 Round 1: It was online coding… Read More
Written Test: Two Sections : 1. CS and Fundamentals        Easy fundamental questions and program output from Recursion / OS / Linux, Concurrency threading. 2.… Read More
I recently attended Microsoft Interview for their CRM team in Bangalore. F2F Round 1: Design and Implement: Producers and Consumer Problem. Producers produce different kind… Read More
I had SAP Labs first round on 10th Oct 2015(ON-CAMPUS). The first round consisted of 15 logical reasoning numerical questions which were bit tough i… Read More
There were total of three rounds: 1. Written Test One question (time: 3Hrs) The questions were as follow: A company sells its products with a… Read More
Given an array that represents a tree in such a way that array indexes are values in tree nodes and array values give the parent… Read More
A number is called as a Jumping Number if all adjacent digits in it differ by 1. The difference between ‘9’ and ‘0’ is not… Read More
Have been interviewed for Microsoft India, Hyderabad location for their IT team for Software Engineer role. Following questions were asked in the first round telephonic… Read More
Given an array of words, find all shortest unique prefixes to represent each word in the given array. Assume that no word is prefix of… Read More
Interview 1: Before the interview began we were asked to solve 6 questions Write a function to swap a number in place without temporary variables.… Read More
If someone has defined an array such as “int array[5]”, what’s the meaning of “array” or “&array”? Are they both same or are they different?… Read More
Online Round on Hackerrank – 1 Hr: 1. Maximum product sub-array. 2. Building bridges across cities. Find the maximum number of bridges that can… Read More
It was a joint campus drive of 4 NITs (NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Delhi, NIT Srinagar J&K). Round 1: It was on online objective test… Read More
Which of the followings is correct for a function definition along with storage-class specifier in C language? (A) int fun(auto int arg) (B) int fun(static… Read More

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