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The two main terms appearing in the above topic are Late Binding and refection. So let us first define these two terms. The binding of… Read More
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An anonymous method is a method which doesn’t contain any name which is introduced in C# 2.0. It is useful when the user wants to… Read More
A fully object-oriented language means everything is represented as an object but can’t differentiate between primitive types and objects of classes but C# is not… Read More
In general, when we try to copy one object to another object, both the objects will share the same memory address. Normally, we use assignment… Read More
Destructors in C# are methods inside the class used to destroy instances of that class when they are no longer needed. The Destructor is called… Read More
Prerequisite : Constructors in C# C# provides a powerful keyword known as this keyword and this keyword has many usages. Here we use this keyword… Read More
An abstract class is a way to achieve the abstraction in C#. An Abstract class is never intended to be instantiated directly. This class must… Read More
A class is a user-defined blueprint or prototype from which objects are created. Basically, a class combines the fields and methods (member function which defines… Read More
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