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Given a string, find all possible palindromic partitions of given string.Example:     Recommended Practice Find all possible palindromic partitions of a String Try It! Note… Read More
Microsoft recently visited campus to hire interns for IDC and IT profiles. I’d like to share my experiences. Online MCQ Round – about 15 questions… Read More
Position : SDE BING TEAM 1. Online round : This was for screening and had 2 questions: i) max sum product of an array ->… Read More
Given a string, find the length of the longest repeating subsequence such that the two subsequences don’t have same string character at the same position,… Read More
Segment tree is introduced in previous post with an example of range sum problem. We have used the same “Sum of given Range” problem to… Read More
Given an array, only rotation operation is allowed on array. We can rotate the array as many times as we want. Return the maximum possible… Read More
Nowadays software development takes place in a distributive way. This article focuses on one such technology that supports distributed software development i.e GIT.  What GIT is… Read More
First round: Coding round hosted on hackerrank.Consisted of 4 questions of varying difficulty.Duration was 75 minutes. Interview 1: Questions on oops, arrays, networks, dbms and… Read More
Last week thoughtworks visited our campus there were three rounds. ROUND 1: Q1) Draw following pattern. Sol.) Q2) Draw following pattern. Sol.) ROUND… Read More
Given an array of integers, find the length of the longest sub-array with a sum that equals 0. Examples:  Input: arr[] = {15, -2, 2,… Read More
Hi guys this is our second tutorial in the series. In first tutorial,  we learnt about How to setup a server and host a website… Read More
import java.util.Scanner; //Scanner Function to take in the Input Values    public class Dijkstra {     static Scanner scan; // scan is a Scanner Object   … Read More
I interviewed at Infinera for the post of Layer 3 Routing/Signaling Developer. OVER ALL PROCESS: First there was a written round. Then we had three… Read More
Recently salesforce visited our campus and took the following rounds for the final selection. Round 1: Written aptitude round containing basic questions on C and… Read More
Recently Amazon visited our campus and take three rounds for final selection. First Round: 20 MCQs, 2 Coding questions. Platform – HackerRank. Coding Questions: 1.Print… Read More
Interview Experience of Calsoft Pune:- First of all they gave PPT After that there was an online Exam that was pure coding exam. There were… Read More
Pattern: 1. Online Test (70 appeared, 43 shortlisted) 2. Analytical reasoning, coding round (Written) (30 shortlisted) 3. Technical interview I (16 shortlisted) 4. Technical interview… Read More
Given an arithmetic expression, find all possible outcomes of this expression. Different outcomes are evaluated by putting brackets at different places.We may assume that the… Read More
Round 1: Online test. There were 3 sections 1) Aptitude : 20 Questions in 30 minutes. Level was moderate but needs good practice to even… Read More
Given two Binary Search Trees, find common nodes in them. In other words, find intersection of two BSTs. Example: Recommended Practice Find Common Nodes in… Read More

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