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Given an array of jobs with different time requirements. There are K identical assignees available and we are also given how much time an assignee… Read More
Given two numbers, return sum of them without using operators + and/or -, and using ++ and/or –. Examples: Input: x = 10, y =… Read More
We strongly recommend to refer below post as a prerequisite.Hopcroft–Karp Algorithm for Maximum Matching | Set 1 (Introduction) There are few important things to note… Read More
First Round (Online Coding on HackerRank) 4 problems Time -90 min 1. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit Input: 1 3 100 Output: 196 link-… Read More
Written: Online Aptitude test, time = 45 mins questions = 60. Online Coding test, time = 2hrs, questions =7coding,13 technical multiple choice. 7 coding ques.… Read More
Written round: 3 hours of written test. First technical and then aptitude. Few technical questions that I can remember. int* a = (int*)60; int* b… Read More
Consider the below problems statement. There are 100 different types of caps each having a unique id from 1 to 100. Also, there are ‘n’… Read More
Given a string consisting of only A’s and B’s. We can transform the given string to another string by toggling any character. Thus many transformations… Read More
Hello Everyone recently I had an interview with factset, it was overall a nice experience for me. First Round (Written Round): This was Pen and… Read More
Written Round: It was conducted on aspiringminds and there were 4 sections in total; quantitative aptitude , verbal , logical and 2 codes in the… Read More
the first was a coding round on hacker rank ide, there was 2 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. Question 1 : there are… Read More
An article containing recent Directi programming round questions in my campus placements and also those in my friends’ colleges. 1) You are given a string… Read More
Moonfrog Labs Interview Experience Recently I got interviewed at Moonfrog Labs. Here is my interview experience. Round 1(1 hour): The interviewer was very friendly and… Read More
Given an integer array of size n, find the maximum of the minimum’s of every window size in the array. Note that window size varies… Read More
Recently walmart labs came to our campus for campus recruitment. Here is my interview experience: Round 1 (MCQ + Coding Questions) This round was conducted… Read More
Given a matrix with 0 and 1’s, find the largest rectangle of all 1’s in the matrix. The rectangle can be formed by swapping any… Read More
This was for a Developer Specialist (JAVA,JAVASCRIPT) position(4-6 yrs). It was a very long process but was an awesome one!!! Round 1 (Telephonic) [ >… Read More
Intuit came for on-campus hiring for 2016 batch and internship offerings for 2017 batch in our college last week. Round One (Online round, 90 minutes):… Read More
Given a grid with each cell consisting of positive, negative or no points i.e, zero points. We can move across a cell only if we… Read More
This year our college kicked off placement season with the Amazon. We got the job description(JD) before the placement process. We got good news that… Read More