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Category Archives: Class 10

The core vision behind the School Learning initiative of GeeksforGeeks is to provide the school students with quality learning resources and to make the learning… Read More
Question 1. In each of the following, one of the six trigonometric ratios is given. Find the values of the other trigonometric ratios. (i) sinA =… Read More
Evaluate each of the following(14-19) Question 14.   Solution:  Given:           -(1) Putting the values of sin 30° = 1/2, tan 30° =… Read More
Question 1. Determine the ratio, in which the line 2x + y – 4 = 0 divides the line segment joining the points A(2, -2)… Read More
Question 7. If cotθ = 7/8, evaluate: (i)                               (ii) cot2θ  Solution:  cotθ… Read More
Question 1. Fill in the blanks by using the correct word given in brackets. (i) All circles are ……………. . (congruent/similar) Solution: All circles are… Read More
Question 13. A die is thrown once. Find the probability of getting: (i) a prime number (ii) a number lying between 2 and 6 (iii)… Read More
Question 1. Complete the following statements: (i) Probability of an event E + Probability of the event ‘not E’ =_________________ . (ii) The probability of… Read More
Evaluate each of the following(1-13) Question 1. sin 45° sin 30° + cos 45° cos 30° Solution: Given: sin 45° sin 30° + cos 45°… Read More
Trigonometry is that branch of Mathematics, which relates to the study of angles, measurement of angles, and units of measurement. It also concerns itself with… Read More
Co-ordinate geometry or analytical geometry is the branch of geometry in which algebraic equations are used to denote points, lines, and curves. Coordinate Geometry is… Read More
Geometric figures which have the same shape but different sizes are known as similar figures. Two congruent figures are always similar but two similar figures… Read More