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Round 1: Written (pen & paper) : Paper 1: 20 Ques on Aptitude, hard to crack in time constraint (20 mints) – DIFFICULT to MODERATE… Read More
Following are the details of my interview with Goldman Sachs. Round 1: Written+Online coding (conducted on Hackerrank) 15 MCQs- average and high level aptitude questions… Read More
First round of the process was online test: Total 19 questions on Hackerrank platform: (i) 17 MCQ based on mostly basic data structures and algorithms,… Read More
Aptitude Round: (1:30 hours) 20 MCQs MCQs on OS, maths aptitutude, and algorithms etc . Few output questions on pointers. Do have a look at… Read More
Amazon came to our college. Here is my interview experience. There were total 5 rounds. First Round (1.5 hr)- It consist of two sections ->… Read More
Drishti Soft Solutions Interview Experience (On Campus): Round 1: (3 hours) Section 1: 30 general Aptitude MCQ questions. Section 2: 2 coding questions, 1 Bugger… Read More
Hi everyone …Following is my experience for the recent recruitment drive of Amazon in our college. *** First Round *** :- Aptitude Round: (1:30 hours)… Read More
There are n-pairs and therefore 2n people. everyone has one unique number ranging from 1 to 2n. All these 2n persons are arranged in random… Read More
Initial Round: Aptitude Paper: 45 questions to solve in 50mins. The platform was Hackerrank. No negative marking. I solved around 35 approx. correctly. Online Coding:… Read More
Endurance International Group came to our campus for full-time hires. Positions: Software Engineer and Operations Engineer It was open to all the branches. Approximately, 450… Read More
This test consisted of two sections MCQ and PROGRAMMING. The section MCQ had 30 questions and was supposed to be solved in 30 minutes. It… Read More
I applied for two month long summer internship in codenation. It was an On-campus internship recruitment. It consisted of : 1. Coding Round: It had… Read More
Online Round(1:30 hrs) 20 MCQs based on OS, C, C++, 3 questions on aptitude & 1 question on DBMS. Q1. Write a program to separate… Read More
Round 1 (Written) Around 140 students appeared for the offline test. There were 20 MCQs that to be done in (30 minutes), questions were from… Read More
Given a matrix where every cell represents points. How to collect maximum points using two traversals under following conditions? Let the dimensions of given grid… Read More
Flipkart recently visited my college for recruiting for SDE-1 profile. Here I am sharing my interview experience. First Round: 2 coding questions on HackerRank (90… Read More
Hi Everyone recently Amazon visited our campus for SDE-1 and internship and I got an offer for internship as well as SDE-1. Here’s my experience.… Read More
Microsoft came to our campus. Branches eligible was CS and IT. There were a total of 4 rounds. Round 1: MCQ round In this round… Read More
Morgan Stanley recently visited our campus for post of Tech & Full Time Analyst. So here is how it went. 1st Round: Coding and MCQ… Read More
Recently, Amazon visited our campus. Here is my Interview Experience: Online Round: (Duration – 90 minutes) 20 MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were on… Read More