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Dynamic widgets are a powerful feature in Flutter that allow you to generate widgets at runtime based on data or user input. In this article,… Read More
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Flutter provides an inbuilt widget called “Offstage”, which is been used to hide or show any widget programmatically depending on user action/event. Offstage Widget is… Read More
In Flutter, every Scrollable sends Notifications that contain information about the current scroll state. So to catch these notifications we use NotificationListener Widget. NotificationListener Widget… Read More
A Colored Box is a container that fills it with color according to its child or A widget that paints its area with a specified… Read More
A grid paper is a paper that has a grid on it with divisions and subdivisions, for example, graph paper. We may use grid paper… Read More
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Night Color adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in… Read More
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Signature View is the widget in Flutter, Where we can write anything just like Microsoft Paint, This widget is useful in the scenario where are… Read More
Folding Cell is the Flutter Widget that can be fold and unfold, It uses the frontWidget to show the front data, and the innerWidget to… Read More
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