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In most android applications, we get to see that users don’t have to enter their phone numbers for authentication. A pop-up message is triggered automatically… Read More
Clipboard Manager performs copy-and-paste operations within android applications. With the help of this user is able to copy and paste data across the different applications… Read More
Many android applications add localization within their application to provide multi-lingual support within their android application. While implementing this feature the android application will take… Read More
In many android applications, we get to see that they are picking images from the user’s device and displaying that images within the android application.… Read More
GridView is also one of the most used UI components which is used to display items in the Grid format inside our app. By using… Read More
Many apps require their users to be authenticated. So for the purpose of authenticating the apps uses phone number authentication inside their apps. In phone,… Read More
In the previous article, we have taken a look at How to add, read and update data from our application in Firebase Firestore. In this… Read More
Before Android 13 when any android application want to use any wifi related feature within the android application. We have to provide users with fine… Read More
Quick Settings tile is a quick setting that is present in the android device notification bar from where we can easily enable and disable the… Read More
With the introduction of additional devices over the last two years, Wear OS usage has increased. Users now frequently utilize media apps to listen to… Read More
APK Signature Scheme v3.1, an upgrade to the previous APK Signature Scheme v3, is now supported by Android 13. Some of the rotation-related known problems… Read More
Regardless of the target SDK version, users can perform a workflow from the notification drawer to terminate an app that is running foreground services as… Read More
This article is about adding the newly introduced advertisement ID in android 13. Moving forward to further iterations of the android versions you will need… Read More
5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology, which not only improves download and upload speeds over cellular networks (1 Gbps speed) but also reduces… Read More
Android 13 introduces a plethora of new APIs and new interactions with devices, this release also launches the much-awaited Reading Mode to devices and it… Read More

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