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A person has 3000 bananas and a camel. The person wants to transport the maximum number of bananas to a destination which is 1000 KMs… Read More
Given n rectangular buildings in a 2-dimensional city, computes the skyline of these buildings, eliminating hidden lines. The main task is to view buildings from… Read More
This is a famous interview question asked in Google, Paytm and many other company interviews. Below is the problem statement. Imagine you have a special keyboard… Read More
In a Medical Laboratory, you have 240 Injections, one of which is for Anesthesia for a rat. If Anesthesia injection is injected in a rat,… Read More
Since it is a network that uses switch, every packet goes through two links, one from source to switch and other from switch to destination.… Read More
Consider a CSMA/CD network that transmits data at a rate of 100 Mbps (108 bits per second) over a 1 km (kilometre) cable with no… Read More
Online round (1 hour on hackerrank): 1. There are ‘n’ ticket windows in the railway station, ith window has ai tickets available. Price of a… Read More
What is the output of the following C code? Assume that the address of x is 2000 (in decimal) and an integer requires four bytes… Read More
Given a string of lowercase ASCII characters, find all distinct continuous palindromic sub-strings of it. Examples: Input: str = "abaaa" Output: Below are 5 palindrome… Read More
Recently Myntra visited our campus for hiring full timers as well as interns . I would like to share my experience as a full time… Read More
Round 1 : Online Test Duration : 1 hr Content : 22 MCQs , 2 codes Platform : HackerRank 22 MCQs : (Non trivial) Quantitative… Read More
The worst case time complexity of a typical implementation of QuickSort is O(n2). The worst case occurs when the picked pivot is always an extreme… Read More
Here is the hiring process they followed (in my case): Round-1: (Online Coding Round) Question-1: Abstract An orienteering map is to be given in the… Read More
Hello friends, I am sharing my placement experience at Monotype Solutions India Pvt Ltd whose recruitment process was conducted in my college. The process consisted… Read More
Hi, Recently Snapdeal visited my campus and I got an offer from Snapdeal,here is my interview experience: Round 1: First round was online written round.It… Read More
A person is determined to finish the book in ‘k’ days but he never wants to stop a chapter in between. Find the optimal assignment… Read More
1st Round : (2 hrs) 1. Implement LRU Cache, 2. Implement your own Blocking Queue. 3. Questions on Collections , a. How AtomicInteger works b.… Read More
Given a string ‘str’, check if it can be constructed by taking a substring of it and appending multiple copies of the substring together. Examples:… Read More
Given a number of friends who have to give or take some amount of money from one another. Design an algorithm by which the total… Read More
Given a string, find the longest substring which is palindrome. We have already discussed Naïve [O(n3)], quadratic [O(n2)] and linear [O(n)] approaches in Set 1,… Read More