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The interview was held on google meet and the duration of the interview is 10 minutes. The interviewer came and the first question for me… Read More
Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. So let’s start from the start. I applied for the InfyTQ Certification round in December where we… Read More
I applied through Infytq 2022 and got the opportunity to get an Interview for the System Engineer role. There was a single interviewer who took… Read More
I participated in the InfyTQ certification exam conducted by Infosys for the 2023 batch. It was conducted on 7th Feb 2022. The Certification round consisted… Read More
So my Infosys system engineer interview was scheduled for July 16, 2022. I got this opportunity through the infytq certification exam. After giving the exam… Read More
Infosys divides the whole process into three rounds:- Certification round Advantage round Interview round Round 1 (Certification Round): This was a combined round for global… Read More
Hello Guys, Here I’m sharing my experience of how I got the Specialist Programmer role (formerly known as Power Programmer). Infosys organizes a coding competition… Read More
My HackwithInfy (Advantage Round) was held on 8th March 2022. I managed to solve 2.22/3 questions. On 12th April 2022 results came out and I… Read More
There will be 2 technical rounds and an HR Round.  Round 1: The first technical round is to test your base knowledge. Let me walk… Read More
Round 1 – Online Coding Test There were 3 coding questions and each was worth 100 points and the duration of the test was 3… Read More
Qualifying Round: This was a MCQ round which comprises of three sections. The total test duration was of 60 minutes. There was negative marking for… Read More
My first face-to-face job interview with Infosys. I was so nervous cause it’s my dream to get a job in Infosys.I had prepared a lot… Read More
I received a Pre Placement Interview (PPI) opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer / System Engineer Specialist through HackWithInfy’21 (Hackathon for hiring 2022… Read More
Round 1: Online Test It was a pure coding round with 3 questions: Related to finding maximum XOR subset Sliding Window Algorithm problem I don’t… Read More
Round 1: Coding Test The first round consists of 3 coding questions. and time given was 3 hours. After this round 35 students got selected… Read More