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Recently Payu came for recruitment in our college. Hiring Process : Online Test + 3 Technical Rounds + HR Round. Position : Software Engineer Online… Read More
MORAGAN STANLEY visited our campus. Selection procedure: Round 1: online test 50 objectives (aptiutde,ds,os,etc…) 2 coding question      1. Simple count the numbers in the given… Read More
One Interview Only (Technical + HR) 1. Tell me about yourself. Your favorite subjects(I mentioned DS, OS, OOPs, DBMS) 2. Tell difference between declaration and… Read More
Smartprix recently visited my campus. First round was of 2 sections; Aptitude-consisted of Diagrammatic reasoning, Image analysis, Picture sequencing related 20 questions in 25 minutes… Read More
Zillious came to our campus on 28th October 2015 for recruitment. Round 1 was held at our college premises and the rest of the process… Read More
Pick the best statement for the below: int arr[50] = {0,1,2,[47]=47,48,49}; (A) This isn’t allowed in C and it’ll give compile error (B) This is… Read More
Given an array of integers. find the maximum XOR subarray value in given array. Expected time complexity O(n). Examples: Input: arr[] = {1, 2, 3,… Read More
A succinct encoding of Binary Tree takes close to minimum possible space. The number of structurally different binary trees on n nodes is n’th Catalan… Read More
We strongly recommend to refer set 1 as a prerequisite of this post. Treap (A Randomized Binary Search Tree) In this post, implementations of search,… Read More
Recently Microsoft visited our campus for recruitment and following is my interview experience. MCQ Round- 15 MCQ questions from C , C++ , java (1… Read More
Round 1- Coding round You are given a matrix nxm filled with integers. There is a robot which has to travel from the cell (1,1)… Read More
Round 1 : (Online-test) 2hrs – 10-15 mcqs which consisted of C, C++ outputs, HTML, CSS, data structures questions. – 3 questions which were to… Read More
HSBC came to our college for SDE profile Hiring. 1st Round: Four Coding Questions to be done in 2 hours; 1. Quick Sort on Doubly… Read More
Both of the following declarations for function pointers are equivalent. Second one (i.e. with typedef) looks cleaner. /* First Declaration */ int (*funPtr1)(int), (*funPtr2)(int);   … Read More
Recently Zillious Company visited to our Campus… First round– there was an online coding on codechef…there were 3 question…type on google– 1) Pour1 codechef (open… Read More
Given an array of numbers and a constant k, minimize size of array with following rules for removing elements. Exactly three elements can be removed… Read More
First Round: Online coding test on Q1. Given two integers m and n write the function to compute the number of bit changes required… Read More
Round-1 General aptitude, verbal, technical java questions Round – 2- programming round Custom Exception Demaged Gift-Logic Encryption-IO Inheritance and Overriding-OOPS Runnable Thread Vowel Counter and… Read More
We strongly recommend to refer below posts as a prerequisite of this. K Dimensional Tree | Set 1 (Search and Insert) K Dimensional Tree |… Read More
A is as older than B as he is younger than C.If the sum of ages of B and C is 68 years. What is… Read More