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Given a binary matrix, find the maximum size rectangle binary-sub-matrix with all 1’s.  Example:  Input: 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1… Read More
HCF of two numbers is 11 and their LCM is 385. If the numbers do not differ by more than 50, what is the sum… Read More
Background : What is centroid of Tree? Centroid of a Tree is a node which if removed from the tree would split it into a… Read More
WRITTEN ROUND Given lengths(costs) of ropes, find the total minimum cost of creating a single rope. (cost of two ropes = length1 + length2) Find… Read More
Recently, VMWare has visited our campus for hiring interns and they have put a CGPA cut off of 7/10. There were 2 rounds in total.… Read More
It is a very well know fact that there is no known polynomial time solution for NP Complete problems and these problems occur a lot… Read More
Round 1: Coding Round on paper 1 Add two numbers represented by linked lists 2 Spirally traversing a matrix Round 2: 1 Tell me about… Read More
Given a set of n strings S, find the smallest string that contains each string in the given set as substring. We may assume that… Read More
Given an input text and an array of k words, arr[], find all occurrences of all words in the input text. Let n be the… Read More
Background Suffix Array : A suffix array is a sorted array of all suffixes of a given string. Let the given string be “banana”. 0… Read More
Round 1: Online Test (105 mins) The online test comprised of six sections – Psychometric Test ( Time Limit : 10 minutes) Coding Questions (2… Read More
Consider the following languages. L1 = { <M> | M takes at least 2016 steps on some input}, L2 = { <M> | M takes… Read More
The value of the expression 1399(mod 17), in the range 0 to 16, is :   Note : This question was asked as Numerical Answer… Read More
Which one of the following well-formed formulae in predicate calculus is NOT valid? (A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D Answer: (D) Explanation: Suppose… Read More
N items are stored in a sorted doubly linked list. For a delete operation, a pointer is provided to the record to be deleted. For… Read More
Let f (x) be a polynomial and g(x) = f (x) be its derivative. If the degree of (f(x) + f(−x)) is 10, then the… Read More
In a 2 × 4 rectangle grid shown below, each cell is a rectangle. How many rectangles can be observed in the grid? (A) 21… Read More
Let Q denote a queue containing sixteen numbers and S be an empty stack. Head(Q) returns the element at the head of the queue Q… Read More
Let G be a complete undirected graph on 4 vertices, having 6 edges with weights being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The maximum… Read More
ROUND 1 (Telephonic, 70 mins): 1. Given an array, print the greatest element on right side, for elements having no greater element print “-1”.. 2. Given… Read More