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FlatButton class comes with a simple text button class that is used in the majority of the application. They are deprecated with no elevation and… Read More
Raised button class comes with a slight elevation in its structure on tapping by the user. They have several properties like text color, shape, padding,… Read More
The Floating Action Button is the most unique type of button widget provided in flutter. It is a widget that floats on the screen over… Read More
Elevated Button is a flutter component included inside the material package i.e. “package:flutter/material.dart“. The main characteristic these buttons hold is the slight elevation in their… Read More
Buttons are material components that provide the user a single tap facility for taking actions, making choices, submitting forms, saving data, opening a new page,… Read More
The bottom sheet is a material widget under the material.dart library. It is like an interactive dialogue that opens from the bottom of the UI… Read More
A Stateful Widget has states in it. To understand a Stateful Widget you need to have a clear understanding of widgets and state management.  A… Read More
An emulator is a virtual device created to run programs/applications derived from the host system. An Android Emulator imitates an android device and is used… Read More
BottomNavigationBar widget provides extra links to navigate between different views. When an item is tapped, the onTap callback is invoked with an index of the… Read More
A stateless Widget is something that does not have a state. To understand a Stateless Widget you need to have a clear understanding of widgets… Read More
Dispose is a method triggered whenever the created object from the stateful widget is removed permanently from the widget tree. It is generally overridden and… Read More
There are two types of widgets provided in Flutter. The Stateless Widget The Stateful Widget As the name suggests Stateful Widgets are made up of… Read More
If you are a flutter developer then you know how easy is to create Flutter UI. But when you have lots of widgets in your… Read More
Scaffold allowing to using back layer and front layer. Use BackdropScaffold instead of the standard Scaffold in your app. A backLayer and a frontLayer have… Read More
Face detection is a technique by which we can locate the human faces in the image given. Face detection is used in many places nowadays,… Read More

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