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Difference between Internet, Intranet and Extranet

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1. Internet : 
The network formed by the co-operative interconnection of millions of computers, linked together is called Internet. Internet comprises of : 

  • People : People use and develop the network. 
  • Resources : A collection of resources that can be reached from those networks. 
  • A setup for collaboration : It includes the member of the research and educational committees worldwide. 

2. Intranet : 
It is an internal private network built within an organization using Internet and World Wide Web standards and products that allows employees of an organization to gain access to corporate information. 
3. Extranet : 
It is the type of network that allows users from outside to access the Intranet of an organization. 

Difference between Internet, Intranet and Extranet :  

Point of differenceInternetIntranetExtranet
Accessibility of networkPublicPrivatePrivate
AvailabilityGlobal system.Specific to an organization.To share information with suppliers and vendors it makes the use of public network.
CoverageAll over the world.Restricted area upto an organization.Restricted area upto an organization and some of its stakeholders or so.
Accessibility of contentIt is accessible to everyone connected.It is accessible only to the members of organization.Accessible only to the members of organization and external members with logins.
No. of computers connectedIt is largest in number of connected devices.The minimal number of devices are connected.The connected devices are more comparable with Intranet.
OwnerNo one.Single organization.Single/ Multiple organization.
Purpose of the networkIt’s purpose is to share information throughout the world.It’s purpose is to share information throughout the organization.It’s purpose is to share information between members and external, members.
SecurityIt is dependent on the user of the device connected to network.It is enforced via firewall.It is enforced via firewall that separates internet and extranet.
UsersGeneral public.Employees of the organization.Employees of the organization which are connected.
Policies behind setupThere is no hard and fast rule for policies.Policies of the organization are imposed.Policies of the organization are imposed.
MaintenanceIt is maintained by ISP.It is maintained by CIO. HR or communication department of an organization.It is maintained by CIO. HR or communication department of an organization.
EconomicalIt is more economical to use.It is less economical.It is also less economical.
RelationIt is the network of networks.It is derived from Internet.It is derived from Intranet.
ExampleWhat we are normally using is internet.WIPRO using internal network for its business operations.DELL and Intel using network for its business operations.

Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2022
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