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Difference between Antivirus and Internet Security

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2022

Antivirus: Antivirus is an application or software which provides security from the malicious software coming from the internet. An antivirus chases the method in which it performs 3 actions which are:

1. Detection
2. Identification
3. Removal 

Antivirus deals with both external threats and internal threats. It is implemented only in software not in hardware also. 

Internet Security: 

Internet Security has the antivirus feature as well as some other features. It deals with protection and privacy against viruses, phishing, spyware, etc. It also deals with all internet threats and cyber attacks. Internet security includes a firewall, features of the antivirus, email protection, and parent control. Internet security deals with the protection of data, sent over the Internet, for example, debit card number, credit card number, email passwords, bank account details, etc. 

Let’s see the difference between Antivirus and Internet Security:

S. No.ParameterAntivirusInternet Security
1.BasicsAntivirus is used to eliminate or remove malicious software.Internet Security has the antivirus feature as well as some other features.
2.FirewallAntivirus does not include a firewall.Internet security includes a firewall.
3.CostAntivirus is either free or less costly than internet security.Internet security is costlier than the antivirus.
4.Parental ControlAntivirus has no parent control.Internet security has parent control.
5.Deals withIt deals with the protection and security against Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses.It deals with protection and privacy against viruses, phishing, spyware, etc.
6.Alert usersAntivirus makes users alert about the risky websites.Internet security also alert users as well as block such risky URLs.
7. MandatoryAntivirus is optional for a computer.Internet security is compulsory for the network.
8.ProtectionIt gives basic protection to your system.With Internet security, your system is fully protected from internet threats and USB threats.

Provides Basic protection for 

  • home users

Provides protection for 

  • Business users
  • Sincere Home users 
10.Advanced securityThere are no such advanced tools of security available. Only basic protection is provided with Antivirus programs.The Internet security package comes with an advanced set of security tools such as firewalls, management of passwords, a system vulnerability scanner check, banking, and online protection from shopping sites. The inclusion of these advanced features provide additional security against hackers, keyloggers, identity thieves, and internet snoops that standard malware detections miss.
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