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Difference between 2D and 3D Shapes

  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2020

2D Shapes: 2D stands for “Two Dimensional”. A 2D shape has two dimensions- Length and Breadth. 2D figures are also referred to as plane figures or plane shapes since these figures lie on a flat surface. 2D shapes have areas but not volume. Straight lines make up the sides of the 2D shapes. 2D shapes are drawn using X-axes, and Y-axes.

3D Shapes: 3D stands for “Three Dimensional”. A 3D shapes have three dimensions- Length, Breadth, and Height or Depth. We see several things around us in daily life which are 3D shapes like books, ball, bottles, etc, they all have the three dimensions namely, length, breadth, and height. 3D shapes do have Areas and Volume too since they occupy space. 3D shapes are drawn using X-axes, Y-axes, and Z-axes.

Below is a table of differences between 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes:

Based on2D Shapes3D Shapes
DimensionsA 2D shape has two dimensions- length and breadth.A 3D shape has three dimensions- length, breadth and height.
Mathematical Axes usedX-axes, Y-axes.X-axes, Y-axes and Z-axes.
View2D shapes are used to give simple view of an object.3D shapes are used to give architectural view of an object.
Edges visibleIn 2D shapes, al the edges are clearly visible.In 3D shapes, some of the edges are hidden.
Explanation2D shapes are easy to explain due to the visibility of all its edges.In 3D shapes, only outer dimensions can be explained.
DetailingIt is easy to draw details in 2D shapes.Detailing becomes difficult in 3d shapes.
ExamplesCircle, Square, Rectangle or any other polygon, etc.Cylinder, Prism, tube, Cuboid, etc.
DrawingIt is easy to draw 2D Shapes.3D shapes are complex in drawing.
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