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Difference between 2-D and 3-D animation

  • Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2020

2-Dimension :
2-dimensional image is represented by a flat plane figure in geometry, that has two dimensions length and width.  2-D shapes does not have thickness and only measured in two faces. Some 2-dimensional examples are as follows circle, triangle, square, rectangle and pentagon as they have length and width. It is the computer-based generation of digital images. 2 Dimension computer graphics is mainly used in the various applications such as traditional printing, typography, drawing technologies.

3-Dimension :
3-Dimension image or object is represent by the three dimensions – length, width and height . Some example of 3 D are as follows cube, rectangular prism, sphere, cone and cylinder as it has length, width and length. It is a 3-dimensional representation of geometrical data (often Cartesian plane) which is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images.

Difference between 2-D and 3-D animation :

1.2-D means that the object is two dimensional.3-D means that the object is 3 dimensional.
2.2-D is the cheapest in price as compare to 3-D.3-D is costly then 2-D.
3.2-D is all about the frames of the images.3-D is all about movements of the images.
4.In 2-D, images is created by the traditional drawing method.In 3-D, everything is created by computer software.
5.In 2-D, image is comprised by height, weight.In 3-D, Image is comprised by height, weight, depth.
6.In 2-D, image in mathematical form x-axis, y-axis.In 3-D, image in mathematical form x-axis, y-axis, z-axis.
7.Geometry in 2-D are Rectangle, square, triangle, polygon etc.Geometry in 3-D are cylinder, cube, primed, spear.
8.It is not suitable for conceptual drawing.It is suitable for conceptual drawing.

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