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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 340 (3.5 years experienced for SDE 1)

Recently I have gone through interview with Amazon Chennai for Amazon FIRE TV team. Here is my positive experience. Round 1(written): 1. 2. 3. Round 2: 1. 2. It’s a two player game. Both the players are equally intelligent to win the game. Give n no. of stones. A player can… Read More »

Amazon Interview experience | Set 331 (1 Year Experienced for SE-1)

A big big thanks to geeks for geeks for constructing this platform where candidates find suitable question sets. 1. 1st Round (Coding round on hacker rank) : Two questions. Each of 100 marks. Total time given was 2 hours. Question 1: Question 2: 2. 2nd Round (Tech) : Two questions. Here the basic… Read More »