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Lexical scope is a fundamental concept in programming that determines the accessibility of variables and functions within a program. In simple terms, the lexical scope… Read More
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The Left Shift Assignment Operator is represented by “<<=”. This operator moves the specified number of bits to the left and assigns that result to… Read More
The Right Shift Assignment Operator is represented by “>>=”. This operator shifts the first operand to the right and assigns the result to the variable.… Read More
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JavaScript one-liners are helpful for writing clear, effective, and expressive code, thus programmers should be comfortable with them. One-liners are frequently used for simple and… Read More
As a programmer, it’s crucial to comprehend loops since they give you a means to repeatedly run a block of code. Loops are a fundamental… Read More
The break Statement comes out of the loop when the condition is true. It breaks out of the loop or switch.  In a switch, code… Read More
The continue statement in Javascript is used to break the iteration of the loop and follows with the next iteration. The break in the iteration… Read More
A do… while loop in JavaScript is a control statement in which the code is allowed to execute continuously based on a given boolean condition.… Read More
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