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Microsoft’s most asked interview questions

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021

Like other product based companies, Microsoft also asks data structures and algorithms as part of their technical interview. Below is a of questions prepared from different Microsoft interview experiences.

Most Asked Questions

  • Check if a Binary Tree is BST or not – Practice here
  • Remove duplicates from a string, do it in-place – Practice here
  • Given a rotated array which is sorted search for an element in it – Practice here
  • Given two linked lists that represent two big numbers (numbers that can not be stored in an int or long long int), write a function that adds the numbers and store the result in a third list.
  • Variations of above question like subtract two numbers or multiply two numbers represented by linked lists. – Practice here
  • Print last 10 lines of a big file or big string.
  • Clone a linked list with next and arbitrary (or random) pointer
  • Connect nodes at same level. Practice here.
  • Least common ancestor of a binary tree or a binary search tree
  • Test case questions like test an ATM.
  • Run length encoding. – Practice here
  • Detect cycle in a linked list. Practice here.
  • Given a sorted array of size n. Each element in array is unique and lies from 1 to n+1. Find the missing element. Write code and test cases for the same. – Practice here

  • Check if a binary tree is balanced.
  • Validate a given IP address
  • Why do you want to join Microsoft?

  • Two of the nodes of a BST are swapped. Correct the BST
  • Draw a circle without floating point arithmetic

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