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Technical Round 1 (1hrs) Note: expected production-level codeDSA Round: Following questions were asked find x to power y.(later asked me to write down the code… Read More
Pre requisites: Query Execution Engine in SQL, Query-Execution Plan in SQL In this article, we will see about Query Evaluation Plan in SQL and how… Read More
MATLAB provides a feature to store a sequence of statements in a file and execute these statements at the MATLAB prompt exactly as if have… Read More
MySQL DBMS offers a wide range of storage engines which are basically software modules used to perform actions like CREATE, INSERT, READ and DELETE in… Read More
Many apps display vast amounts of data within their in the form of a list and the user is not able to go through each… Read More
APIs are used in android applications to access data from servers. We can perform various CRUD operations using these APIs within our database such as… Read More
If you are selling any product or providing any service in your android application, then you should have integrated a feature in your android application… Read More
Graphs are used in android applications to display vast amounts of data in an easily readable form. There are different types of graphs used such… Read More
Pop Up Window is seen in most of the applications to show the pop-up messages within the applications to the user. These pop-ups are used… Read More
Bar Chart is a UI component that is seen in most FinTech applications. These bar charts are used to display vast amounts of data in… Read More
Many applications nowadays collect payments from their app users for selling some products or selling services within their android applications. There are so many payment… Read More
Android applications use APIs to get the data from servers in android applications. With the help of APIs, we can add, read, update and delete… Read More
JSON is a JavaScript object notation which is a format to exchange the data from the server. JSON stores the data in a lightweight format.… Read More
In the android application, the response from the server is in the form of JSON. We can get to see either a JSON Array or… Read More
Bar Charts in android are used to represent vast amounts of data in an easily readable format. We can display a single bar chart within… Read More

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