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Category Archives: C Language

In C programming language, scanf is a function that stands for Scan Formatted String. It reads data from stdin (standard input stream i.e. usually keyboard)… Read More
This article focuses on discussing the elif and else if ladder and stairs problem and the solution for the same in the C and Python… Read More
fgets() reads a line from the specified stream and stores it into the string pointed by str. It stops when either (n – 1) characters… Read More
A Two Dimensional array of pointers is an array that has variables of pointer type. This means that the variables stored in the 2D array… Read More
C program to print 180-degree rotation of inverted half pyramid pattern using two approaches i.e. for loop and while loop. Input: Number = 5 Output:… Read More
A year is a leap year if the following conditions are satisfied:  The year is multiple of 400. The year is multiple of 4 and… Read More
The data items in a multidimensional array are stored in the form of rows and columns. Also, the memory allocated for the multidimensional array is… Read More
Character extraction can be done by iterating through the string in the form of a character array. It basically means plucking out a certain amount… Read More
Given a character, we need to print its ASCII value in C. Examples: Input: a Output: 97 Input: D Output: 68 C code: We use… Read More
Given a Temperature n in Fahrenheit scale convert it into Celsius scale. Examples: Input: 32 Output: 0 Input: -40 Output: -40 Recommended: Please try your… Read More
C Programming Language is mainly developed as a system programming language to write kernel or write an operating system. C++ Programming Language is used to… Read More
LCM (Least Common Multiple) of two numbers is the smallest number which can be divided by both numbers. For example, LCM of 15 and 20… Read More
Docker as a platform provides the ability to package, ship, and run an application in an isolated environment called a container. This isolation allows running… Read More
In Turbo C graphics the graphics.h functions are used to draw different shapes(like a circle, rectangle, etc), and display text(any message) in different formats (different… Read More
log2, log2f, and log2l are functions in C that compute the logarithmic of base 2 of a given number. They are part of the math.h… Read More

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