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A Use Case is as a tool for defining the required user interaction and if you are trying to create a new application or make changes to an existing application, several discussions are made.

Use Case Testing is generally a part of a black box testing and that helps developer and testers to identify test scenarios that exercise the whole system on each transaction basis from start to finish. Business experts and developers must have a mutual understanding of the requirement, as it’s very difficult to attain. Use case testing is a functional testing technique which helps in identifying and test scenario on the whole system or doing start to end transactions.

Feature of Use Case Testing:
There is some feature of a use case testing, which is used to test the software project and provide a better response, these are given below:

  • Use case testing is not testing that is performed to decide the quality of the software.
  • Although it is a type of end to end testing, it won’t ensure the entire coverage of the user application.
  • Use Cases has generally captured the interactions between ‘actors’ and the ‘system’.
  • ‘Actors’ represents the user and their interactions that each user takes part in.
  • The use case will find out the defects in integration testing.

Benefits of Use Case Testing:
Use case testing provide some functionality which is used to help to develop a software project. These are given below:

  • use case driven analysis is that it helps manage complexity since it focuses on one specific usage aspect at a time.
  • Use cases start from a very simple view that a system is built first and foremost for its users.
  • Use cases are a sequence of steps that describe the interactions between the actor and the system.
  • Use case help to capture the functional requirements of a system.
  • Use cases are used to hearten designers to outcomes before attempting to specify outcomes, and thereby they help to make requirements more proactive in system development.

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