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Globalization Testing is a type of software testing that is performed to ensure the system or software application can function independent of the geographical and cultural environment. It ensures that the application can be used all over the world and accepts all the language texts.

Now-a-days with the increase in various technologies, every software product is designed in such a way that it is a globalized software product.

Objective of Globalization Testing:
The objective of globalization testing is:

  • To check the different aspects of software application.
  • To ensure the use of software application all over the wolrd.
  • To ensure the software supports all the languages.
  • To determine the user interface of the software application.

Globalization Testing Aspects:
There are several aspects that are tested during the globalization testing:

  1. Sensitivity to the language vocabulary:
    A product that is used all over the world needs to support many languages. Different language translators are used to verify if the application uses proper vocabulary for each language. Application is switched to different language and the response and the performance of the application is tested.

    India - Hindi and English
    US/UK - English
  2. Date and time formatting:
    Date and time formats vary from one place to another.

    India date format - dd/mm/yyyy
    US date format - mm/dd/yyyy

    Hence an application should support all kinds of formats. Same in case of time format application should support 24-hour notation and 12-hour notation both.

  3. Currency Format:
    Currency formats vary from one country to another. So, application should support all kind of the formats. Application should also display the correct symbol of currency and the units.

    India - Rupees
    US - Dollar
  4. Phone and mobile number formatting:
    Every country has different phone and mobile number formats. Also the ISD varies from one country to another country. So, the application should take care of it.

    India - +91
    Pakistan - +92
  5. Address Formatting:
    Address formats also vary from one country to another. In India it is different where in UK it is different.
    In India building starts with ground floor whereas in UK it starts with first floor. In Japan, address order is postal code, state, city whereas in India/UK, address order is name, city, state and postal code.
  6. Zip Code Format:
    The zip code format also changes from one country to another.

Advantages of Globalization Testing:

  • It makes the software product more flexible and more scalable.
  • It saves overall time and effort for software testing.
  • It is a less costly testing technique.

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