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A half adder is implemented with XOR and AND gates. A full adder is implemented with two half adders and one OR gate. The propagation… Read More
Consider a simple checkpointing protocol and the following set of operations in the log. (start, T4); (write, T4, y, 2, 3); (start, T1); (commit, T4);… Read More
I recently had an interview with Compro Technologies, Delhi based firm, for Associate Software Developer. The process took 4 rounds .(via TalentGrids) 1) Online… Read More
Consider the C program below. #include <stdio.h> int *A, stkTop; int stkFunc (int opcode, int val) {     static int size=0, stkTop=0;     switch (opcode)     {     case… Read More
A computer system implements a 40 bit virtual address, page size of 8 kilobytes, and a 128-entry translation look-aside buffer (TLB) organized into 32 sets… Read More
Consider a uniprocessor system executing three tasks T1, T2 and T3, each of which is composed of an infinite sequence of jobs (or instances) which… Read More
An algorithm performs (logN)1/2 find operations, N insert operations, (logN)1/2 delete operations, and (logN)1/2 decrease-key operations on a set of data items with keys drawn… Read More
Suppose the following disk request sequence (track numbers) for a disk with 100 tracks is given: 45, 20, 90, 10, 50, 60, 80, 25, 70.… Read More
Consider a 4 bit Johnson counter with an initial value of 0000. The counting sequence of this counter is: (A) 0, 1, 3, 7, 15,… Read More
Interplanetary trade: Hober Mallow wants to setup an inter-galactic trade which would allow trade between different planets. Each planet has its own set of currencies… Read More
Didn’t you buy _________ when you went shopping? (A) any paper (B) much paper (C) no paper (D) a few paper Answer: (A) Explanation: In… Read More
Predict the output of the following simple C++ program without any virtual function. #include <iostream> using namespace std;    class Base { public:     void print()… Read More
A complete binary tree is a binary tree whose all levels except the last level are completely filled and all the leaves in the last… Read More
Given a matrix where every row is sorted in increasing order. Write a function that finds and returns a common element in all rows. If… Read More
The memcpy function is used to copy a block of data from a source address to a destination address. Below is its prototype. void *… Read More
Given a positive integer n, find the period in decimal value of 1/n. Period in decimal value is number of digits (somewhere after decimal point)… Read More
First Round Written Test 1) Implement Stack Operations. Also maintain count of Largest Integer present in Stack at any given point of Time. 2) Implement… Read More
I have recently attended Flipkart for SDE 1 @ Bangalore. Thanks to GeeksforGeeks team which has been the only single source of my preparation and… Read More
For Microsoft Bangalore CRM team. Experience: 1.7 years. Round 1:(Written test) Question 1 : Given a binary search tree . Print its level order traversal… Read More
I was interviewed for SDE – II position @ Flipkart. Below is my experience. Round 1 : Telephonic Round (around 90 minutes) He started with… Read More