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We have an array arr[0 . . . n-1]. We should be able to efficiently find the minimum value from index L (query start) to… Read More
Let us consider the following problem to understand MO’s Algorithm.We are given an array and a set of query ranges, we are required to find… Read More
Philips Came For Campus in our Institute CV Shortlisting. First Round: 1) English :- 25 questions (25 min) 2) Computer Ability :- 25 questions (35… Read More
I recently got placed in Microsoft IDC .Here’s my Interview Experience 🙂 The first two rounds were conducted by in our campus. The other… Read More
Given a m x n rectangle, how many squares are there in it? Examples :  Input: m = 2, n = 2 Output: 5 There… Read More
Here, I would like to share my interview experience for Microsoft IDC Software Engineering profile. It was On-Campus. Primary round: There were two test rounds,… Read More
First Round: 1)English :- 25 questions (25 min) 2)Computer Ability :- 25 questions (35 min) 3)Reasoning :- 15 questions (15 min) 4)Quantitative :- 15 questions… Read More
Policeman decided to punish the Prisoner and asked him to make a statement. The Prisoner should make such a statement so that he would be… Read More
Aim : As internet activities have incremented a lot now a days. The possibility of illegal access of private data is also increased. The aim… Read More
What is the number of vertices in an undirected connected graph with 27 edges, 6 vertices of degree 2, 3 vertices of degree 4 and… Read More
Which of the above arguments are valid? (A) P and Q only (B) P and R only (C) P and S only (D) P, Q,… Read More
Let x be an integer which can take a value of 0 or 1. The statement if(x = =0) x = 1; else x =… Read More
I attended interview at Brocade for the post of Software Engineer (0-2.5 years experience). Some 200+ people had walked-in and it was a pretty large… Read More
What is the maximum number of edges in an acyclic undirected graph with n vertices? (A) n-1 (B) n (C) n + 1 (D) 2n-1 Answer:… Read More
In a class of 200 students, 125 students have taken Programming Language course, 85 students have taken Data Structures course, 65 students have taken Computer… Read More
Given a set of points, connect the dots without crossing. Example: Input: points[] = {(0, 3), (1, 1), (2, 2), (4, 4), (0, 0), (1,… Read More
Given a positive integer n, find number of ways to divide n in four parts or represent n as sum of four positive integers. Here… Read More
Given an array “arr[0..n-1]” of integers, calculate sum of “arr[i] & arr[j]” for all the pairs in the given where i < j. Here &… Read More
Given a number n, print all primes smaller than n. For example, if the given number is 10, output 2, 3, 5, 7. Recommended: Please… Read More
Given a range [low, high], print all primes in this range? For example, if the given range is [10, 20], then output is 11, 13,… Read More