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Online Round: An online written round was conducted on consisting of following sections: 1. General Aptitude – 15 questions 2. Logical Reasoning – 15… Read More
How many perfect matchings are there in a complete graph of 6 vertices ? (A) 15 (B) 24 (C) 30 (D) 60 Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
A given array represents a tree in such a way that the array value gives the parent node of that particular index. The value of… Read More
Which of the following is a valid first order formula ? (Here α and β are first order formulae with x as their only free… Read More
Which of the following scenarios may lead to an irrecoverable error in a database system ? (A) A transaction writes a data item after it… Read More
In a heap with n elements with the smallest element at the root, the 7th smallest element can be found in time (A) Θ(n log… Read More
Let T(n) be the number of different binary search trees on n distinct elements. Then , where x is (A) n-k+1 (B) n-k (C) n-k-1… Read More
Given a number system with only 3 and 4. Find the nth number in the number system. First few numbers in the number system are:… Read More
Belzabar recently visited our campus to hire full time employees. About 120 students gave the first round, 50 made it to the next round and… Read More
I was interviewed for the position of SDET-1 few days back at Chennai. Here is my interview experience: Coding round (Full code required): 1) Given… Read More
I had an telephonic interview with Arista Networks couple of days ago. To apply for Arista Networks (Internship) CGPA >=8.5, luckily i had. Here are… Read More
L1 is a recursively enumerable language over Σ. An algorithm A effectively enumerates its words as w1, w2, w3, … Define another language L2 over… Read More
The recurrence equation T(1) = 1 T(n) = 2T(n - 1) + n, n ≥ 2 evaluates to (A) 2n + 1– n – 2… Read More
Two n bit binary strings, S1 and S2, are chosen randomly with uniform probability. The probability that the Hamming distance between these strings (the number… Read More
The inclusion of which of the following sets into S = {{1, 2}, {1, 2, 3}, {1, 3, 5}, (1, 2, 4), (1, 2, 3,… Read More
A 4-stage pipeline has the stage delays as 150, 120, 160 and 140 nanoseconds respectively. Registers that are used between the stages have a delay… Read More
When we assign an integer value to an Integer object, the value is autoboxed into an Integer object. For example the statement “Integer x =… Read More
Given an n x n square matrix, find sum of all sub-squares of size k x k where k is smaller than or equal to… Read More
SAP Labs Procedure consists of 5 rounds. 1) ONLINE EXAM 2) APPLICATION DESIGNE 3) TECHNICAL 4) MANAGERIAL 5) HR 1 Round: ONLINE EXAM First round… Read More
A and B are the only two stations on an Ethernet. Each has a steady queue of frames to send. Both A and B attempt… Read More