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Simpson’s 1/3 rule is a numerical method used for the evaluation of definite integrals. MATLAB does not provide an in-built function to find numerical integration… Read More
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MATLAB is an interactive multi-programming language and numeric computing environment developed by MathWorks. MATLAB provides the Commands that will be used when the user wants… Read More
Conversion of a Matrix into a Row Vector. This conversion can be done using reshape() function along with the Transpose operation. This reshape() function is… Read More
Setting environment variables with the help of setenv() function. The setenv() function is used to set the specified value of an operating system environment variable.… Read More
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 Conversion of an Array into a Column Vector. This conversion can be done using a(:) operation. A(:) reshapes all elements of A into a single… Read More
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Removal of Nan Values from a Matrix.There are multiple methods by which we can remove Nan values from a specified matrix:. Method 1: By using… Read More
With the advent of MATLAB and all the scientific inbuilt that it has brought, there’s been a significant change and simplification of sophisticating engineering scenarios.… Read More