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Loading Excel spreadsheet as pandas DataFrame

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Pandas is a very powerful and scalable tool for data analysis. It supports multiple file format as we might get the data in any format. Pandas also have support for excel file format.

We first need to import Pandas and load excel file, and then parse excel file sheets as a Pandas dataframe.

import pandas as pd
# Import the excel file and call it xls_file
excel_file = pd.ExcelFile('pandasEx.xlsx')
# View the excel_file's sheet names
# Load the excel_file's Sheet1 as a dataframe
df = excel_file.parse('Sheet1')


One can also read specific columns using ‘usecols‘ parameter of read_excel() method.

# import pandas lib as pd 
import pandas as pd 
require_cols = [0, 3
# only read specific columns from an excel file 
required_df = pd.read_excel('SampleWork2.xlsx', usecols = require_cols) 


        Name  Percentage
0      Ankit          95
1      Rahul          90
2    Shaurya          85
3  Aishwarya          80
4   Priyanka          75

For more examples, refer

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Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2019
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