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How To Uninstall or Delete an App From an iPad or iPhone?

Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2022
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iPhones are one of the most used mobile phone in the world nowadays. Users who find these mobile devices are not simple mobile phones. The iPhone was branded by Apple Incorporation. Day after day, the device is getting new versions. These new versions are attracting more & more users throughout the globe. Though, the price of the iPhone is much higher than any other similar android phone. Still, users find it appropriate to use.  In the world, there are a maximum number of users who are using android smartphones. There are a very small number of users who use the iPhone. So, simply those users who are using the iPhone, feel different from other users. The iPhone or iPad has a different operating system. This is known as macOS. iPhone and iPad have different application managers. This works the same as the Google Play Store on Android. So, sometimes there are unnecessary applications on the iPhone or iPad. So, users need to uninstall or delete them to save the iPhone or iPad from any other future memory-related problems.

Remove Apps From iPhone or iPad:

Uninstalling any application from the iPad or iPhone will remove all the data from the application. So, after deleting or uninstalling the application, users are not able to find any more data on it. If important, it is advised to back up all the data on a certain application before deleting it. Otherwise, users will not be able to access the data in the future.

Deleting Apps Via the App Store:

Step 1: First, users need to open the App Store of the iPad or iPhone. Then, users need to click on the user’s account in the App Store.

Step 2: After that, a new window will open in front of them. Users will need to click on the Purchased section of the App Store. Users need to do more tasks there.


Step 3: After that, a list of applications will be available in front of the users. Now, users need to choose which application should be deleted. After deciding the application, users need to swipe the application on the left side. Users will find a Hide option there. Users need to click on the Hide option. The application will be deleted. Remove it from the old versions. But from the latest version, it is termed as hiding.


Hence, we have successfully deleted the application via the App Store. 

Deleting Apps Via Settings:

Step 1: First, users need to open the settings. In the settings, users will find the General settings option. Users need to click over that.


Step 2: In the general settings, there will be some more options. Among them, there will be one option called iPhone storage. Users need to click on that option.


Step 3: There will now be a complete list of the installed applications. Users need to find the application that needs to be deleted. After finding the application, users need to click on that.


Step 4: After clicking on the application, the application details page will open. Users will find the Delete App option on that page. Users will need to click on that option to delete the application.


Hence, we have successfully deleted the application via settings. 

Removing Apps From the Home Screen:

Step 1: At first, users need to point out which application is unnecessary. They can delete them. To delete or uninstall the application, users need to hold the application on the home screen for a long time.

Step 2: After pressing the application for a long time, there will be some options present. Among them, users need to click on the Remove App option.


Step 3: This option will bring some other options to the users. Users will need to click on the Delete App option. This will help remove the application completely from the device.


Step 4: Lastly, the device will ask for final confirmation. Users will need to press the Delete option in the next window. The app will now be completely removed from the device.


Hence, we have successfully uninstalled or deleted the app from the home screen.

Deleting Apps That Aren’t On The Home Screen:

Step 1: Users need to go to the App Library section. Users need to find the application by searching its name.


Step 2: After that, the application will appear in front of the user. Users need to press the application to get more options. Among the options, users will need to click on the Delete App option to remove the application.


Hence, we have successfully deleted an application that isn’t on the home screen.

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