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Turtle is a inbuilt module in Python, which has many functions like forward(), backward(), right() and left() etc. You can draw a hut on the… Read More
The Arcade library is a modern Python Module used widely for developing 2D video games with compelling graphics and sound. Arcade is an object-oriented library.… Read More
Prerequisite: Arcade Library The world of Programming is very vast, and animation is its key soul. In this, tutorial you will learn how to animate… Read More
Prerequisite: Arcade Library  The Arcade library is a modern Python Module used for developing 2D video games with enthralling graphics and sound. It is an… Read More
Arcade library is modern framework currently used in making 2D games. Nested loop discussed here are analogous to nested loops in any other programming language.… Read More
You might have drawn Sun using famous Python module like turtle but here we discuss how the same approach can be achieved using arcade module.… Read More
The arcade library is a high-tech Python Package with advanced set of tools for making 2D games with gripping graphics and sound. It is Object-oriented… Read More
Game programming is very rewarding nowadays and it can also be used in advertising or as a teaching tool. Game development encompasses mathematics, logic, physics,… Read More
For many years, Python game programmers were limited to the Pygame Module. But, now we have other choices as well i.e Arcade Python Library. The… Read More
Prerequisite – Basic types of 2-D Transformation : Translation Scaling Rotation Reflection Shearing of a 2-D object Composite Transformation : As the name suggests itself… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to check if the given number N is even or odd. If it is found to be even,… Read More
Given a string str and four integers X1, Y1, X2 and Y2, where (X1, Y1) denotes the source coordinates and (X2, Y2) denotes the coordinates… Read More
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Prerequisite: Python Turtle module Basics  We all must have seen the spiderweb at our homes but have you ever wonder how many efforts and patience… Read More
Internet of Things (IoT) includes large number of smart devices connected to a broad internet network with the help of various networking technologies. Mostly these… Read More
Flipping tiles game can be played to test our memory. In this, we have a certain even number of tiles, in which each number/figure has… Read More
Prerequisite: Turtle module, Drawing Shapes There are many modules in python which depicts graphical illustrations, one of them is turtle, it is an in-built module… Read More
Prerequisite: Dictionaries in Python A dictionary is a collection which is unordered, changeable and indexed. In Python, dictionaries are written with curly brackets, and they… Read More
Prerequisite: Turtle Programming in Python In this article, let’s learn how to draw the Sun using turtle in Python. Turtle is an inbuilt module in… Read More
In programming, Polymorphism is a concept of Object-Oriented Programming. It enables using a single interface with the input of different data types, different classes or… Read More