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Category Archives: Google Cloud Platform

Pre-requisites: Cloud Computing, Server Virtualization Server consolidation in cloud computing refers to the process of combining multiple servers into a single, more powerful server or… Read More
Pre-requisite: Google Cloud Google Cloud Architecture Framework is a set of best practices and guidelines provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help users design,… Read More
Pre-requisite: Google Cloud Platform In essence, when we discuss the cloud, we are also discussing hardware. We “rent” the Google infrastructure in the case of… Read More
Pre-requisite: Cloud Computing The failover system technique makes use of established clustering technologies to provide redundant implementations in order to boost the availability and reliability… Read More
Pre-requisite: Google Cloud DB In this article, we will go through the process of creating a MySQL database using Cloud SQL, which is a fully-managed… Read More
Distributed computing refers to a system where processing and data storage is distributed across multiple devices or systems, rather than being handled by a single… Read More
Cloud printing is the practice of printing documents and other types of files from a remote computer or device via the internet as opposed to… Read More
Pre-requisite: Cloud Computing A resource pool is a group of resources that can be assigned to users. Resources of any kind, including computation, network, and… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Cloud Computing A theoretical model for cloud computing services is referred to as the “inter-cloud” or “cloud of clouds.” combining numerous various separate clouds… Read More
Cloud computing is a highly emerging technology that is widely used. It provides a platform as a service, software as a service, and infrastructure as… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Google Cloud Platform A scalable runtime environment, Google App Engine is mostly used to run Web applications. These dynamic scales as demand change over… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Cloud Federation The implementation and management of several internal and external cloud computing services to meet business demands is known as cloud federation, sometimes… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Cloud Computing It is possible to organize all the concrete realizations of cloud computing into a layered view covering the entire, from hardware appliances… Read More
Pre-requisite:- Virtual Machine The term “Virtualized Security,” sometimes known as “security virtualization,” describes security solutions that are software-based and created to operate in a virtualized… Read More
DIET stands for Dual Intent and Entity Transformer and can be used for multiple problem-solving purposes on a quick and efficient basis in the Cloud… Read More

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