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Prerequisite: PriorityQueue, Pair javafx.util.Pair<K,V> class in Java is the combination of two different objects called Key and Value. It basically provides a way to store… Read More
Given two linked lists, your task is to complete the function make union(), which returns the union of two linked lists. This union should include… Read More
A PriorityQueue is a linear data structure in which the elements are ordered according to their natural ordering or by some custom comparator provided at… Read More
The PriorityQueue and TreeSet both are the classes defined inside the Collection Framework. In this article, we will learn the differences between PriorityQueue and TreeSet.… Read More
A PriorityQueue is used when the objects are supposed to be processed based on the priority. It is known that a Queue follows the First-In-First-Out… Read More
Given a binary tree and an integer b representing budget. The task is to find the count of maximum number of leaf nodes that can… Read More
Dijkstra’s algorithm is very similar to Prim’s algorithm for minimum spanning tree. Like Prim’s MST, we generate a SPT (shortest path tree) with a given… Read More
A Min-Heap is a complete binary tree in which the value in each internal node is smaller than or equal to the values in the… Read More
A max-heap is a complete binary tree in which the value in each internal node is greater than or equal to the values in the… Read More
Given a list of N numbers, and an integer ‘K’. The task is to print the average of max ‘K’ numbers after each query where… Read More
The spliterator() method of PriorityQueue returns a Spliterator the same elements as PriorityQueue.The returned Spliterator is late-binding and fail-fast Spliterator. A late-binding Spliterator binds to… Read More
The java.util.PriorityQueue.comparator() method shares an important function of setting and returning the comparator that can be used to order the elements in a PriorityQueue. The… Read More
The java.util.PriorityQueue.toArray() method in Java is used to form an array of the same elements as that of the Priority Queue. Basically, it copies all… Read More
The Java.util.PriorityQueue.clear() method is used to remove all the elements from a PriorityQueue. Using the clear() method only clears all the element from the queue… Read More
The Java.util.PriorityQueue.add() method in Java is used to add a specific element into a PriorityQueue. This method internally just calls the Java.util.PriorityQueue.offer() method with the… Read More

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