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Round 1: TCS conducted an aptitude test consisting of quant and verbal questions. The next day they conducted a coding round which comprised two questions… Read More
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The lighting-color attribute represents the color of the light source for lighting filter primitives. The elements that using this attribute includes <feDiffuseLighting> and <feSpecularLighting> Syntax:… Read More
There are two types of parameters one is Formal parameters and the second is Actual Parameters. Formal parameters are those parameters that are defined during… Read More
Prerequisites: Matplotlib Matplotlib.pyplot.margins() is a function used to set the margins of the x and y axes. All input parameters must be a float that… Read More
Target code generation is the final Phase of Compiler. Input : Optimized Intermediate Representation. Output : Target Code. Task Performed : Register allocation methods and… Read More
Open Authorization or OAuth is an industry level protocol used for authorization. It allows third-party services to exchange your information without the user having to… Read More
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Android supports a range of touch gestures such as tap, double-tap, pinch, swipe, scroll, long press, drag, and fling. Drag and fling may seem similar… Read More