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Adapter Class is a simple java class that implements an interface with only an empty implementation. Let’s suppose, there is an interface Intref which has… Read More
The Component class is the superclass of all components. A component class can be linked with a page, components of web applications. Component clearly shows… Read More
In Java, SocketImplFactory Class is an interface Class is defining a factory for SocketImpl instances, as this interface is usable by sockets classes to… Read More
ACL entries are Examined by this class is validating on the ACL model declared in RFC 3530: Network File System i.e.(NFS) version of 4th Protocol… Read More
The is a socket option that is connected with a socket, as the set of channels packages is java.nio.channels.NetworkChannel that this interface has defined… Read More
ParseContext class is a component of the Java packages org.apache.tika.parser, which is used to parse context and pass it on to the Tika (The Apache… Read More
The two classes that support Regular Expression (Regex) are as follows, Pattern Class and Matcher Class. Both these classes work together. In simple language, we… Read More
In Java, XSLProcessor is a class that extends java.lang.Object class. It provides methods to create XSLStylesheet objects and to transform an input XML document. XSL… Read More
In Java, Matcher is a class that is implemented by the MatchResult interface, that performs match operations on a character sequence by interpreting a Pattern.… Read More
Java uses the java.util.regex API for pattern matching with Regular expressions. To indicate any syntax errors in a regular-expression pattern, Java provides a class called… Read More
ReadWriteLock is an interface in java.  A ReadWriteLock allows us to add a thread-safety feature to a data structure while increasing throughput by allowing multiple… Read More
HttpServelt is an abstract class, it comes under package ‘javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet‘ . To create a servlet the class must extend the HttpServlet class and override at… Read More
The java.text.DateFormat is an abstract class that is used to format and parse dates for any locale. It allows us to format date to text… Read More
ContentHandlerDecorator class is a component of the Java package org.apache.tika.sax, ContentHandlerDecorator is the base class for the ContentHandler interface. ContentHandlerDecorator simply delegates all SAX event… Read More
java.rmi.MarshalledObject is a java class, a MarshalledObject contains a byte stream with the serialized representation of an object given to its constructor, The contained object… Read More

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